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What is Child Support For and How is it Calculated?

California imposes a duty on both parents to support their children. When you divorce and have children from the marriage in California the Court is required to order child support. If you have children with someone you are not co-habitant with, either of the parents...

How to Deal With Community Property

Many people who are now divorced were awarded property that was formerly community property, but is now their separate property. In many cases this is a home, vehicle and/or retirement accounts or pension plans. At some point, many people who divorce, meet the right...

Seeking Legal Counsel as a Preventative Measure

I was driving to my office listening to the car radio. A commercial for Kaiser Permenente came on talking about their focus on preventative medicine. How we should have regular medical exams, work with their nutritionists and physical therapists or trainers to prevent...

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