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At Goforth Family Law & Meditation, I seek to balance compassion, mutual understanding, and fairness in every interaction with my clients. With over twenty years of experience, I have seen the importance of fostering clear communication and developing shared expectations. You will quickly discover the benefits of this approach when you choose Goforth as your legal partner for family law services.

Our Family Court and Mediation Services

Attorney Paula Goforth handles several areas of family law. Working with an experienced lawyer can assist you through some difficult legal processes.

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Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement sets clear expectations around issues such as property division, child support, and alimony as you and your partner enter into marriage. Taking this legal step now can prevent unnecessary conflict in the future.


Working with an experienced divorce attorney can simplify this emotionally complex process. Goforth Family Law will be with you for every step of your divorce arbitration to develop a settlement that is both legal and fair.

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Child Custody

Your children’s well-being is a priority for both you and the family court. As a family law mediator, Attorney Paula Goforth can help you reach a solution that will minimize conflict and reduce stress for everyone involved.


Marital Property Division

Dividing property in a divorce is often complicated for high-asset couples or those with a variety of asset types. Attorney Paula Goforth will apply her experience and knowledge to reach a fair settlement that satisfies the law.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Unexpected life changes may result in the need to change your divorce agreement. Our family court services will help you make any necessary adjustments to this document while following legal standards.



Choosing mediation in divorce cases results in agreements with less conflict as well as a shorter process. By partnering with a neutral third party, you can negotiate your differences and reach a positive solution.

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Attorney Paula Goforth is a trusted expert for family law advice and services. If you are preparing for marriage or considering divorce, she is ready to help. Contact Goforth Family Law & Mediation today to schedule a consultation.