Compassionate, Unbiased Family Law Mediation

An Essential Part Of My Family Law practice Is Based On Helping Two Sides Reach An Agreement

When negotiating parties are able to work together effectively in any situation, mediation through a third party is a reliable way to arrive at a final agreement.

Mediation is one of the most important services I provide to people throughout San Diego county — facilitating and assisting two parties (usually a married couple or domestic partners) in reaching agreements. The final agreement that both parties come up with, along with any other court-required documents, are then submitted to the court for entry of judgment.

Pursuing Fair Solutions To Any Dispute

As a well-trained and neutral third party, my mediation services are ideal for people who can negotiate without conflict. It is cost-effective and allows both individuals to retain control over their own lives. Each party is free to consult with their own independent legal, financial, and psychological advisors throughout the course of the mediation process. Mediation is designed to be 100% fair to both parties involved.

Reaching Agreeable Outcomes

Cooperation while being overseen by an unbiased third-party mediator will result in a mutually fair outcome. The solution, after being carefully reviewed and agreed to by all, will then be submitted to the courts to be finalized and put into effect. In the end, mediation provides the most cost-effective and least time-consuming avenue to lasting, positive results.

I also provide additional family law services for the many other important challenges you may face.

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