Compassionate, Unbiased Family Law Mediation

A Family Law Mediator Guiding Couples to an Amicable Resolution

Family law mediation helps couples work through their differences and come to a joint agreement. Working with a third-party mediator is a more respectful process that often involves less court time and legal costs. A cooperative agreement creates a healthier starting point as couples move forward in their lives.

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An Experienced Mediation Lawyer Fosters Respectful Discussions

When negotiating parties in any situation are able to work together effectively, third-party mediation is a reliable way to arrive at a final agreement. Because family law cases often come with strong emotions, your mediator should provide guidance to keep you on track when the discussion becomes difficult.

With more than 20 years of experience, I have found that mediation is one of the most important services I provide to people throughout San Diego county — facilitating and assisting two parties (usually a married couple or domestic partners) in reaching agreements. My process encourages clear communication while focusing on the task at hand. When we are done, I help them submit the final joint agreement to the court for entry of judgment along with any other necessary legal documents.

Pursuing Fair Solutions To Any Dispute

As a well-trained and neutral third party, my mediation services are ideal for people who can negotiate without conflict. It is cost-effective and allows both individuals to retain control over their own lives. Each party is free to consult with their own independent legal, financial, and psychological advisors throughout the course of the mediation process. Mediation is designed to be 100% fair to both parties involved.

Encouraging Agreeable Legal Outcomes

Cooperation while being overseen by an unbiased third-party mediator will result in a mutually fair outcome. The solution, after being carefully reviewed and agreed to by all, will then be submitted to the courts to be finalized and put into effect. In the end, mediation provides the most cost-effective and least time-consuming avenue to lasting, positive results.

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Family Law and Mediation Are a Natural Fit

Family law mediation can make a difficult situation easier to handle. At every session, I encourage respectful communication and cooperation. I invite you to contact my office to learn more about the process.

Do You Have Questions About Mediation?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Mediation and Family Law

Family law mediation helps many couples talk through issues like child custody and property division in a non-anxious way. When there is open communication and a clear framework, third-party mediation can facilitate the creation of an acceptable joint agreement.

The number of mediation sessions depends on you complexity of your situation. It can take time to handle issues like child support, dividing a joint business, or negotiating a visitation plan.

At Goforth Family Law & Mediation, we charge a reduced rate for an initial consultation and an hourly mediation fee. You will have additional costs if you are also working with an independent legal or financial counselor.

As part of the family law mediation process, we will also help you assemble and file the legal documents necessary to make your joint settlement part of the court order.

Changes in your life may require an amendment to your divorce agreement. If necessary, we can schedule additional mediation sessions to submit a revised document. If the two parties are in agreement on the change, we can help with the post-judgment modification process.

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Additional Family Law Practice Areas

Mediation is just one part of the family law services that Attorney Paula Goforth supplies. Her skill and experience will provide guidance in challenging times.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can prevent future confusion and frustration in the event of a divorce down the line. This document provides peace of mind as you enter a new relationship.

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Post-Judgment Modifications

Life is unpredictable, and the agreement you made five years ago may no longer make sense. We can work with you to successfully navigate the modification process.


Marital Property Division

It is not always easy to sort out the division of complex assets. Attorney Goforth can provide a helpful framework for property division that meets the standards of California law.


Divorce is a complicated legal process with emotional overtones. As a family law specialist, Attorney Paula Goforth can guide you through every aspect of ending your marriage. Her practice fosters dignity, respect, and cooperation for divorce cases in San Diego.


Child Custody

As an experienced family law attorney, Paula Goforth has helped many couples handle custody issues. She understands that the welfare of your children is a primary concern.