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A very important part of our law practice is based on helping two parties reach an agreement.

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If both parties are able to work together effectively, mediation through a third party is the best way to come up with a final agreement.

We provide mediation services, which is a process whereby we facilitate and assist two parties (usually a married couple or domestic partners) to reach an agreement. The final agreement that both parties come up with, and other court-required documents, are then submitted to the court for entry of judgment.


Fair Solutions to a Dispute


As a well-trained and neutral third-party, Goforth Family Law Mediation Services are ideal for people who can work effectively together. It is cost-effective and allows individuals to retain control over their lives. Each party is free to consult with their own independent legal, financial and psychological advisors throughout the course of the mediation process. The mediation is designed to be 100% fair to both parties.


The cooperation between the two parties while being overseen by a third mediation party to help keep the situation under unbiased reins will result in a fair outcome. The solution, after being carefully reviewed and agreed to by all can then be submitted to the courts to be finalized and put into effect. In the end, mediation provides the most cost-effective and least time-consuming avenue to results.

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