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When couples realize that they need to divorce, the process can feel overwhelming. In addition to the emotional impact, the spouses must come to an agreement on practical issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support. For more than twenty years, Attorney Paula Goforth has helped couples take the steps necessary to end their marriages respectfully. She is a divorce lawyer you can trust to guide you calmly through this challenging time.

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Leaving Divorce to the Court System Limits Your Options

With over 20 years of California family law experience, I understand how devastating a divorce can be for a family. Between the emotional turmoil, the financial stress, and the fear of an unknown future, you have plenty to worry about. The legal process does not need to add to your distress. You have options for how you approach your divorce, including negotiated agreements and mediation. Your divorce need not be full of conflict.

I am attorney Paula J. Goforth. At Goforth Family Law & Mediation, I am here to help each client find a resolution to their divorce so they can move forward with their life. My experience has shown me that my clients have stronger outcomes when they create their own futures. I am committed to helping every client do just that with compassion and skill. I also offer couples unbiased family law mediation services.

What to Expect When Ending a Marriage

Once you or your spouse files for divorce, you will need to address several issues. You may be able to resolve most of these issues through negotiation or mediation. Common issues include:

The Benefits of a Mediated Agreement

You know your family better than anyone and certainly better than the judge who will review your case. For this reason, you are the best person to create the divorce agreement that will affect your future. Inviting a third-party neutral mediation lawyer to help you work out your legal issues can result in a more satisfactory outcome for everyone.

Formal litigation often results in financial stress and further emotional turmoil for both the adults and the children. For that reason, I view it as a strategy of last resort. 

If you and your spouse are open to negotiating your own agreements regarding property division, custody issues, and support, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time and money. Years of experience with many clients have shown me that divorce mediation is often best for all parties concerned.

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A Divorce Lawyer With Compassion and Skill

If you have come to the end of your marriage, you need a legal partner you can rely on. As a mediation lawyer, Attorney Paula Goforth can provide options for a civil dissolution. Contact our office to schedule a divorce consultation.

Do You Have Questions About Divorce?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Divorce in California

Because of the emotional nature of ending a marriage, having someone outside the relationship to guide you through the process is helpful. Additionally, divorce is a legal process, so it is always beneficial to work with someone who understands family law.

California regards marital assets as community property to be split evenly when the marriage ends. This process can become complicated when retirement funds and other investments are involved. We can help you process the orders necessary to redistribute funds.

The time and cost of divorce mediation depend on several factors such as the types of assets and number of dependents. Attorney Goforth can give you a better estimate after your initial consultation.

Both child and spousal support are determined by formulas developed by the California court system. They depend on factors such as the age of the children, the length of the relationship, and the income difference between the spouses.

It can be helpful to reach out to a lawyer at the earliest opportunity in the divorce process whether you are filing for divorce or have been served divorce papers.

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Additional Family Law Practice Areas

Goforth Family Law & Mediation takes a comprehensive approach to family court services. Attorney Goforth can help with every legal aspect around marriage and divorce.

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Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements

If you are concerned about protecting your assets in the event of a divorce, we can help you and your partner create legal agreements for future clarity.

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Child Custody

The welfare of children must be a priority during divorce discussions. We can help you and your spouse determine a solution that is fair and healthy for your family.


Marital Property Division

Splitting your assets can be a complicated process. Our calm approach to negotiation offers more flexibility while still meeting the community property standards of California.

Post-Judgment Modifications

A divorce can be just the beginning of a series of life changes. If your divorce agreement no longer makes sense, we can help you make legal changes to reflect the new circumstances.



While we focus on mediation as part of our family law practice, this process can apply to many disagreements. If the parties involved can communicate calmly, Attorney Goforth can act as a neutral third party who helps the discussion move forward.