How long will spousal support continue?

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When you are married, you agree to share your life with another person. In many relationships, one spouse makes more money than the other. While you are married, this isn’t a big deal since you share your life and finances.

However, if you get a divorce, it means the spouse who stayed at home or had a lower-paying job may struggle financially. This is where spousal support may come in. A judge may order the higher-income-earning spouse to pay spousal support as part of your divorce.

For those ordered to pay spousal support and those receiving it, a common question is how long it will continue and if it is an ongoing or permanent payment.

How long can you receive spousal support payments?

If your ex-spouse is ordered to pay spousal support after a divorce, the amount of time you will receive the payment depends on several factors.

For a marriage that lasted for 10 years or more, there are no reasonable assumptions regarding how long the support will last. In fact, in these cases, support is often ongoing as long as one spouse requires financial support. However, for marriages that last under 10 years, a general assumption is that support will last for half the length of the marriage.

What situations will result in the end of spousal support?

There are a few situations that will result in spousal support payments ending. One is if the spouse receiving the support remarries. Other situations include if the court orders it to end or if one spouse dies.

Receiving or paying spousal support

Spousal support is a common payment for couples going through a divorce. It is designed to ensure that a spouse who may have stayed at home or did not work as much as the other can continue living a lifestyle they are accustomed to, even after the divorce.


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