Maintaining privacy during divorce

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Divorce is by no means easy, but it is possible for all parties to come through the other side and start afresh. The conduct of divorcing spouses can play a huge role in reducing tension during proceedings.

One of the main concerns for both people is often maintaining their privacy. The last thing either party wants is for their private life to become public knowledge. In practical terms, what can you do to maintain privacy during your divorce?

Your online presence

People utilize social media for a variety of reasons. Some use it to share photos of recent holidays or family events. Others opt to use platforms as a means of sharing their political views, and there is nothing wrong with either approach.

You and your former spouse may want to come to an agreement not to share details of your divorce or anything about your relationship via social media. Even if you delete or block one another, negative discussions about your spouse, and vice versa, can find their way back to the other party. This will not benefit anyone. In fact, it could make the separation much tenser than it needs to be.

Consider mediation

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular among divorcing spouses. There are numerous benefits to this process, including privacy. Neutral third parties will assist you and your former spouses in reaching agreements that benefit both of you. These discussions are not a matter of public record, as they are in most divorce proceedings.

Privacy tends to be a top priority for divorcing parties, especially when children are involved. The blowback over events becoming public knowledge can be extremely hurtful for everyone involved. If you have any questions about the divorce procedure, it might be in your best interests to seek legal guidance.


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