How a prenup makes your marriage stronger

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Many people assume that a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement will make their marriage weaker. The reasoning for this is simple. Both of these agreements help to determine what will happen to assets in the event of a divorce. By making it, they feel that they are taking one step closer to that divorce.

But this is not actually true. There are many who believe that having a post-op or a prenup can actually lead to a stronger marriage in the long run. Why is this?

Money and communication

The big thing to remember is why divorce actually happens. If you look at the top reasons, you’re always going to find money and communication issues listed somewhere near the front. These are big things that can ruin a marriage.

But a prenuptial agreement helps to address both of these areas. It forces the two of you to communicate about potentially difficult topics, and you have to work together to get the agreement created. It makes you talk realistically about your financial position and the money that you have. It makes you consider the future and think about the goals that each of you holds.

Doing all of this helps to ensure that you and your spouse are addressing these key areas. That doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get divorced, but it certainly doesn’t make it more likely than a divorce would be for a couple that doesn’t communicate well or never talks about money.

If you’re interested in getting a prenuptial agreement or creating a postnuptial agreement after the wedding day, you just need to know what legal steps to take. 


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