Positive ways to think about your divorce 

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It can be difficult to go through a divorce. It’s a big change in your life. You may be convinced that it’s the right change and that it needs to happen, but that doesn’t always make it easy.

During a time like this, in order to make everything go as smoothly as you can, it’s important to try to think about the positive sides of your divorce. You’ll find that there are actually many potential benefits.

You get to reinvent yourself

Divorce gives you a chance to really be the person that you want to be. Maybe there are hobbies that you haven’t tried that you’ve always been interested in, and now you have the time to do them. Maybe you’d like to travel or get a new job in a different city. All of these things are now open to you in a way that they weren’t before.

If you have children, you still get to be a parent

Parenting changes after divorce, but you still get to have a loving relationship with those kids. Rather than focusing on the relationship that you’re losing with your spouse, put your time and energy into making your relationship with the children as strong as you can.

You reduce conflict and negative emotions

If your marriage was causing a lot of negative emotions, perhaps because it had turned into a high conflict relationship, simply removing that from your life is positive. You’re going to feel less stressed out, and you can put all of that energy into the things that really matter.

As you and your spouse get closer to the actual divorce, make sure you also take the time to think about your legal options


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